12 December, 2020


COVID–19 pandemic is still ravaging the entire world with little help available in terms of therapeutics.
Vaccines/vaccination appears to be a viable means of controlling the pandemic, However, scepticism and mistrusts still exist among the populace regarding vaccine acceptance and vaccination.
Our goal is to provide the relevant information in this wise to the general audience, towards making an informed decision for themselves and their families.


The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed an enormous amount of devastation the world over.
With the discovery of candidate vaccines, help appears to be on the horizon.
Unfortunately, scepticism and mistrusts still exist in the area of vaccine acceptance and vaccination.

Target Area & Beneficiaries

Main Target: Residents of the DC/ Maryland / Virginia area of the USA, but open to a wider audience including those outside the US shores


Provide relevant and scientifically sound information to the general public aimed at assisting the public in making informed decisions regarding vaccination

Expected Outcomes

1. Education on the vaccine and need for vaccination.
2. Create and/or improve awareness on the new vaccines

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