The scoping mission was carried out on the 12th of March, 2019 by the Medical Pyrate of Sahara Deck and the Nas Medic Pyrate. The community leaders were accommodating and we had a good interaction cum deliberations.

The Medical Mission will be holding at Dakibiyu, an urban slum community located at Jabi in Abuja, FCT. Dakibiyu is 43.1km from the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, 28.29 minutes drive and located on coordinates N9 03.334, E7 25.616 from the Airport.

This community is made of about 6, 000 individuals of low socio-economic class and mainly farmer. The main tribe are Gbagis but other tribes like Yoruba, Igbos and Hausas also live here. All religious kinds are seen here.

The Community is headed by HRH. Mallam Ishaku Lamidi assisted by his Council chiefs

There is no presence of Government owned health facility within this community, people need to travel distance to access affordable and good Healthcare services.

The drainage facility is basically on the surface land and the risk of infectious diseases are very high. Also of note is how densely populated the area is with very poor ventilation within structures. They also lack portable drinking water and good road network.

The aim of this medical mission is to help with managing some communicable and non-communicable disease conditions as will be presented by members of this community. We also hope to use this opportunity as NAS, to show the Government the plight of citizens within this part of the Country.

The leaders were given details of the planned mission and they await our arrival

The mission is being done in collaboration with the FCT Primary Health care Board, the Executive Secretary of the Board – Dr. Iwot is deploying their staff to carry out other child and maternal health interventions like ante natal and immunization services

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